Adhesive and self-adhesive

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Antiseptic and Self-adhesive

Used for all types of cars and motorcycles

Uses: Self-adhesive glue holes with 6mm counting holes

  • Each time to replace the glue cover, the tire has the ability to operate about 20000 km not afraid of rolling, no need to pump & patch (equivalent to 1 pair of shells)
  • Adhesives have anti-rust effect for car seats, odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, do not pollute the environment.

Main components: vulcanized rubber, clean water, additives additives


  • Remove the intestinal peel from the rim, wash it cleanly, fit the rim, then cover the left about 30 cm rubber package and cover the shell, check the two edges for the balance between the shell and the rim.
  • Make a gap between the shells and braces, leave the car 30 degrees tilted, shake the bottle and pour it into a few revolving rings and pump in to work properly.
  • When nailed, just pull the nail and turn a circle, the adhesive will patch itself holes
  • Caution: Only use this glue with an airless tire

HSD: 5 years

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